QUICK how to register for our online auctions.


First step click on Register to Bid

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Second Step it will ask for your email address twice

Do NOT put a space after your email address, the system will tell you your email is invalid. Make sure your browser did not automatically add a space, if so delete the space.


Fill in your name, address, & information

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Create your username and password

Click OK


Step Three

Add a payment method

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Notes to auctioneer (We will not see until after the auction)

Read the Terms & Conditions

Click on the Box By checking here you agree to our terms and conditions.

We know the Terms and Conditions are long.  There are important items in there, along with tips to help the auction go easier for you.

The following table are Highlights of the Personal Property Online Only Terms for a
Complete List of Personal Property Online Only Auction Terms Click Here


Staggered Close-Auction -The auction BEGINS to END at 7:00 pm CST with 20 seconds between each lot. Approximately 3 items per minute See Terms and Conditions for Details



Soft Close Auction: Meaning the auction Begins to close at 7:00 pm CST and any time a bid is placed with one-minute left on a lot, that particular lot has one minute added to it. See Terms and Conditions for Details


If you are a winning bidder a $1 will be charged to your credit card to pay for the retention of your credit card information. That charge will come off after the auction. BUT WILL BE ON YOUR INVOICE if you are a winning bidder. See Terms and Conditions for more Details


There is a 10% Buyer's Premium. See Terms and Conditions for Details


Location: 216 E Davie St., Anna, IL 62906


Preview day is Wednesday 3:00 to 6:30pm or by Appointment 800-272-9791. If you cannot make this time please call the office to make different arrangements. See Terms and Conditions for Details


Pickup Friday 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm & Saturday 8:30 am to 10:00 am If you cannot make these times please email ollis@ollisauction.com to make arrangements prior to 4:00pm the day the auction ends.


If you do NOT pickup your items or make PRIOR arrangements to the auction closing, $20 Plus Costs will be charged to your credit card. PLEASE call the office before 4 pm the day the auction closes. 1-800-272-9791 SEE Terms and Conditions for Details



LIVE Auction Button at 6:30 pm (30 Minutes) Live Catalog - this is a special tile based view that becomes available when the first lot of an auction is within 30 minutes of closing. The tiles are "live" meaning that they are receiving real-time updates. The times counts down, new bids & bid amounts get updated, the bidder's status updates (winning/losing), all without any manual refreshing.



Bring People to Help You Load especially if you Buy Heavy Items or Many Items